Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Portfolio Work

Just finished up my Personal Viewpoints class, this time with Jon Krause. Very cool guy and talented illustrator, he gave us some fun assignments as well! This is the work I ended up doing for him.

This guy is a propaganda poster in support of people who hate/fear music the actual term for this phobia is "Melophobia". I couldn't imagine hating or fearing music, but hey, you know...different strokes for different folks?

This piece was for an editorial that doesn't exist on American corporations outsourcing tech support to India.

School's almost over which means I'll have a mega update soon, and with school ending I'm actually moving to California to intern with Cartoon Network for a few months! Excited? You bet I am. Until next time...


  1. Bobby!! Congrats! You will totally fit in there! I thought Cartoon Network was in Atlanta though, weird. Have fun!

  2. Congrats!

    Especially love that top piece.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad to see you've finally gotten yourself a blog Steph.

    Yea Julie, I was actually asking them about that, turns out it's the Adult Swim branch that's in Atlanta.

  4. Love your work mate - found your page quite by accident, and liked it so much you've now got a link on my phat beats site. Keep exploring that beautiful talent! Your illustrations always make me grin.

    Cheers! Eri

  5. Just got to your work while browsing covers for the Wizard of Oz and just wanted to let you know how incredible I think it is. Perfect blend of detail and simplicity.