Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interview with McJawn

Hey friends! I was interviewed and featured as this month's "Up and Coming Artist" over at McJawn! I'd also like to take the time and thank everyone over at McJawn for the support they've given me so far. And a very special thanks to Amy Li for this awesome opportunity.

If yer itchin' fer a read you can go gander over here to check out the interview.


  1. Congrats, man! I love the exquisite detail of your work.
    I've also battled anxiety & depression -- congrats on getting help. I hope you do well in 2011.

  2. Hi Bobby,

    Speaking of interviews, I was wondering if you would have any time to do one as part of a research paper I am doing for my first illustration class. I just recently got to see some of the Adventure Time show and I absolutely loved it! You were the first person I thought of when I was given this research assignment so I thought I would give it a thought.

    If you like you can e-mail me at

    thanks & hope to hear from you :)