Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Time! Sophomore Year pt Deux So Far...

Hey guys, so it's March. March break is in like a week and that's neat, so here's some work I've been doing for class so far. This semester scares much oil painting coming up and I've never sat down in my 21 years of living to actually make a serious attempt with the stuff. Oh well, I'm already down close to 300 bucks in paint supplies and what not, so if ever a motive there it is.

Anwyays, let's look at some art.

First Assignment, "Angels:Racing Toward Hell board"
Deco Paint Markers on a blank skate deck.

Ice Cream Yeti in Philly Delphy!

"Magic In Motion"
Free Cardboard from Pearl and Deco Markers

An oldy but a goody, this one's on wood and ink.
This one is under new ownership, traded for a copy of Street Fighter VI.