Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Autumn Society + The Mars Society present...

The Mars Exploration Coloring Book officially sponsored by NASA in collaboration with the Autumn Society! Fresh off the press just finished the cover for this sucker on this steamy eve. Enjoy cats and kittens, much much more to come soon!

The Autumn Society blog

P.S. The show I'm working on, Adventure Time, was nominated for an Emmy, color me psyched.


  1. what color is psyched?????

    congrats bobby!

  2. damm nasa.. this is some successful ass science shit,.. proud of u bro

    ps i think i'm going to start drinking if u ever come back to ridgewood will you get sh*tfaced w/ me??

  3. thanks todd mang!

    i will gladly get fecalfaced with you.