Saturday, October 17, 2009

Junior Year a Go Go

Hello everyone! Onwards to Junior year and I come bearing new arts. So far I've found myself questioning everything I've done up to this point. School just does not seem to be the right fit for me right now but I'm still sort of holding my head above water...sorta.

Anyways, here's what's been up...

Dilligence vs the Sloth

DJ Spooky Poster
Full House Book Cover

Power of Light - Drowning in MyselfCelebrity Circus Performer: Christopher Walken

To Kill a Mockingbird Poster (Rejected)

Self-Portrait: Samurai Legend Me

Okay I'm done, phew. Lotsa sleepless nights in there, with many more to come! Please check back soon for revisions and new work.


  1. word on the dilligence. and the dancing walken in now enthroned on my desktop

  2. And you say you're fed up with the department. This shit is awesome dude, stay with it!

  3. looks like you're experimenting with some new styles! or at least i haven't seen this side of your stuff (referring to the first two, especially)
    love everything. especially the mockingbird piece.